Established 2017

Almost three decades of combined experience in shaping customer experiences for Fortune 500 companies we created created Kirby Kelly Studios to share the love with everyone.

The Kirby Kelly Team

(Left to Right) Mary Larkin (Designer), Leane Jensen (Sr Designer), Alex Bowman (Principal), Justin Beene (Construction, Owner), Jared Cole (Office Manager, Accounting)

Justin Kelly Beene

Justin Kelly Beene

Justin's defacto family home has been Salt Lake City since completing undergraduate and graduate degrees at Brigham Young University. His 15 year career in retail pushed him to tailor his skills in balancing the art and science of direct-to-consumer retail. A lifelong fan of simple Scandinavian and Midcentury design, Justins last home was an overhaul of a 1960s modern home in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Alex Kirby Bowman

Alex's childhood was super normal - usually spent rearranging and decorating his room. (Okay fine, but now you know where the love of interiors comes from) After graduating the Savannah College of Art and Design with Industrial Design and Interaction Design degrees he was picked up by Target to design for exclusive brands like Threshold and Room Essentials. After 5 years he would become the trend forecaster for a 220 person home design group in the company. Shortly after leaving Minneapolis for Boston, hired Alex as the company's first interiors focused designer and creative director for

From our Clients

Alex designed a living room for me I can’t stop gushing over. He listened to my likes and dislikes and designed the perfect space for me. Now I need to redo every other room in my house to match how beautiful my living room is!

We hired Kirby Kelly for remodeling and design services. I visited other projects before we went forward and loved what I saw. They brought a cohesive design sense to the project that feels fresh and forward looking. I love the light, airy interiors they created that make the most of the home I already owned. They paid attention to every detail and the end result is a space that feels effortless. I can't say enough good things about them.